Name SpaceGodzilla
Species Space clone of Godzilla
Gender Male
Eyecolor Red
Height and Length 110 meters tall and 760 meters long.
Weight 80 000 tons
  • Godzilla (source material)
  • Godzilla Junior (Source material's son)
  • Biollante (sister)
Abilites Corona beam, telekiness, crystall creating, flying, can create a crystalship around himself.



Ryo Hariya

SpaceGodzilla is a clone of Godzilla and the main antagonist of Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (1994).


He looks similar to Godzilla, except that he is taller and have blue and reddish purple color. He is somewhat fat and can not walk so well and flies to move faster. He has an longer tail with crystals on how leads to his back as well. On the shoulders SpaceGodzilla has two big crystals to which he absorbs energy. On his forehead he has an crown on. His mouth showing sharp teeths and tusks on the side of his mouth.


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  • His design comes from SuperGodzilla from the game with same name. The spikes on the shoulders was replaced with the crystals and the core is removed.
  • In some games he is the main antagonist.