Name Rodan
Alternate names Fire Rodan
Species Giant Pteranodon
Gender Male
Eyecolor Grey, Brown
Height 70 meters tall
Weight 16 000 tons
Wingspan 150 meters
Allies and Enemies
  • Godzilla (Freind/Enemy in two movies)
  • Godzilla Junior (Surrogate brother)
  • Many other friendly kaijus
  • King Ghidorah (Enemy)
  • MechaGodzilla 2 (Enemy)
  • Xiliens (Enemies)
Abilites Uranium ray, flight, speed, giving lifesource.

Rodan is one of Godzilla's allies and enemies in the movies. He is an Giant Pteranodon.


He looks like an Giant Pteranodon with two or three horns. His belly is jagged or striped. He has very big wings and can fly at mach 1.5. He has brown skin and red skin as Fire Rodan.