Godzilla fires his ray

Name Radioactive ray
Alternate names Atomic ray, Radioactive fire, Blue Heat ray, Atomic breath.
Class Energy beam
Users All Godzillas, Minilla, Godzilla Junior, Megaguirus (With Godzilla's energy).
Color Color 1&Color 6&Color 8
Similar abilites Spiral heat ray

The Radioactive ray is the signature weapon for Godzilla in all series.


First, he charges energy and his dorsal fins begins to glow and then he fires a energy beam from his mouth and push,damage or kill the opponent.


  • Spiral heat ray-a more powerful version used whenever Godzilla has Rodan's energy or has getting stronger.
  • Super Spiral heat ray-the second version of Spiral heat ray.
  • Smoke rings-an weak version used by Minya.
  • Energy bubbles-an weaker attack used by Godzilla Junior as Little Godzilla.


  • The radioactive beam in the first movie is more smoke-like.
  • The only monster besides all Godzilla's who is using the ray is Megaguirus.
  • In Godzilla vs. Destoroyah the beam is orange, but it is not a Spiral heat ray due to that the spirals are missing.
Super x

if you look carefully you can see no spirals.