Name King Ghidorah
Alternate names Ghidorah, Three headed Monster, Mecha King Ghidorah
  • Threeheaded spacedragon,
  • Mutated Dorats (Heisei).
Gender Male
Eyecolor Grey
Height and Length

49 meters height (Showa and Millenium)

120 meters height (Heisei)

Weight 25 000-70 000 tons
Abilites Gravity beams, lightining beams, flight, hurricane winds
Allies and Enemies
  • Godzilla (Archenemy)
  • Mothra (Archenemy/Ally in GMK)
  • Other Earth monsters (Enemies)
  • Gigan (Ally)

Appearance Edit

King Ghidorah is an Dragon with three heads with horns. He got two tails and bat-like wings. He has no arms and only legs. In the Showa series, he has a mane on each head. He has golden skin.


He first appeared as the main antagonist in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster 1964.